The Belle of Louisville is a national historical landmark and an icon of our waterfront. Whether you’re boarding the steamboat for your first or tenth river cruise, it’s always a memorable experience.

To board the Belle of Louisville is to do more than see the city and the Ohio River from a unique perspective. You are embarking on a piece of American history. Steamboat travel and transportation revolutionized our river, our city, and our nation. The geography of the area played a central role in Louisville’s founding and why it became the Bourbon Capital of the World.

At over 100 years old, the steamboat is steam-powered and paddlewell-propelled. No matter what you’re boarding for — sightseeing, a four-course dinner, live music, or a unique event — you are in for a special treat. Also, check out the Belle’s sister, the Mary M. Miller, the newest riverboat addition to our waterfront.

Book a Trip

For more details on how to book your next trip or to view the calendar of family-friendly programming and unique river cruises, visit the Belle of Louisville or call 502.574.2992.

Address: 401 W. River Road (4th & River Road)