We believe that Waterfront Park positively impacts our city, our people, and our economy. Our team wanted to know the details. So, we did a study and produced some data.

In 2017, the Waterfront team contracted with IQS Research to conduct a visitor profile and economic impact study of our park. Over six months, IQS surveyed more than 1,500 park visitors. We have compiled that data, and the results provide a clear understanding of park patron demographics as well as the economic impact of Waterfront Park on the community and Commonwealth.

The study revealed significant age, race, economic, and geographic diversity among our park patrons. Overall, participants gave the park high ratings and reported a sense of belonging. These results confirm our belief that Waterfront Park is for everyone.

Over the years, public and private financial support to Waterfront Park has spurred over a billion dollars of investment in our downtown waterfront neighborhood. Once a blighted industrial site, we have witnessed the park transform into a beautiful, 85-acre urban green space. Based on this economic impact report, we know now, more than ever, how essential our park is to the health and vitality of the city.

View the Impact Report Infographic
View the Visitor Profile and Economic Impact Study Report