Apr 26 , 2024

Shining a Spotlight on Sustainability: Earth Month Edition!

A message from our Executive Director, Deborah Bilitski:

April not only marks the start of our event season and the emergence of spring but also Earth Month. Waterfront Park is a powerful symbol of our community’s commitment to sustainability. This year, as we commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the park’s first phase, we’re reminded of our journey from a neglected industrial riverfront to the inviting green space we enjoy today. But our work isn’t done. We’re dedicated to expanding and maintaining this space as a place for the community to get outside and connect with our most valuable natural resource, the Ohio River. In this newsletter, in celebration of Earth month, we highlight some of the ways that you can participate in sustainability and have fun along the way! 

Whether you are attending one of our special events or simply enjoying a walk in the park, there is always an opportunity to connect with our natural surroundings in this donor-supported park. Please join us in celebrating our 25th Anniversary and supporting our mission to keep Waterfront Park a vital community asset. Your donation ensures it remains a cherished destination for recreation and culture for years to come. Thank you for being part of our journey.

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