Nov 17 , 2023

Loving Our Waterfront Is Autumn-atic

A message from our Executive Director, Deborah Bilitski:

Welcome to the November edition of our newsletter, where we unravel the mysteries surrounding Waterfront Park. One commonly asked question is whether Waterfront Park is affiliated with Louisville Metro Parks. The short answer is no—Waterfront Park operates as an independent entity. Similarly, inquiries often arise about the connection between Waterfront Park and Waterfront Botanical Gardens. Likewise, the answer is none. While we relish our neighborly ties with WBG, it is a distinct nonprofit organization, unrelated to Waterfront Park.

So, what exactly is Waterfront Park, you may wonder? Established in 1986 through a collaborative effort between the Commonwealth of Kentucky and Louisville Metro Government, Waterfront Park stands as a fully independent nonprofit entity tasked with overseeing the waterfront’s redevelopment. We receive some government funding for park operations, but more than 50% of our operating budget is self-generated. This includes revenue from events, rentals, and, notably, the generous donations from our supportive community.

Your steadfast support over the past 37 years has played a pivotal role in reclaiming our once-industrial waterfront, transforming it into a cherished community amenity enjoyed by over 2.2 million people annually. We are deeply grateful for your ongoing support, which ensures our waterfront remains a symbol of beauty, accessibility, and hospitality for all. 

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, the entire Waterfront Park team wishes you and your loved ones a joyous and gratitude-filled celebration. Thank you for being an indispensable part of our journey.

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