Nov 24 , 2020

Giving Thanks At Waterfront Park

As Thanksgiving draws near, we are reminded to be grateful for quality time spent with friends and loved ones. Although traditional Thanksgiving feasts may look different this year, what are you thankful for?

At Waterfront Park, we are thankful for the space that has expanded from an idea to a world-renowned destination. With 85-acres of space to explore, we provide a space where our community can come together and enjoy the beauty of nature. This was especially significant in early 2020 when quarantine left people eager for a space to enjoy, while being safe and social distancing. Waterfront Park remained open and continues to make park users’ health and safety a top priority.

We are thankful to see smiling faces join us at yoga classes on our green lawn and for strolls across the Big Four Bridge. We are thankful to see runners participate in virtual races throughout the park. We are thankful to see a community united for a better future for our city and beyond.

Most importantly, we are thankful for our members, who keep the park clean and accessible for all to enjoy. Without the generous support of our members, Waterfront Park would not be the treasure that it is.

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