Jul 20 , 2023

Celebrating Parks & Recreation At Waterfront Park

A message from our Executive Director, Deborah Bilitski:

Not so long ago, our waterfront was an inaccessible wasteland of scrap yards, blighted industrial buildings, and an infamous bridge to nowhere. Today, Waterfront Park is a beloved community space that welcomes millions of visitors each year from throughout the region and beyond. Our award-winning riverwalk and hundreds of events enhance the vibrancy of our downtown and the quality of life of our residents. This amazing transformation has been possible only because this community believed in the vision and worked collectively to make it happen. Together, we have moved railroad tracks and an interstate ramp, restored our riverbank, connected communities across the river, and reclaimed this precious space for the people. 

As we observe Parks and Recreation Month in July, we celebrate the vital role Waterfront Park plays in bringing people together, providing essential services, and fostering the growth of our community. And we honor you, our passionate community of Waterfront Park supporters, because you have made all of this possible.

 Together, with your ongoing support, we can continue to make our waterfront beautiful, welcoming, and accessible to everyone, always. Please consider becoming a member of Waterfront Park today.

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