Dec 18 , 2021

Waterfront Park Wishes You & Yours a Happy Holiday

A message from our Executive Director, Deborah Bilitski:

Waterfront Park is where we come together as a community. This week, we mourn the devastating tragedy and loss suffered by our neighbors in the Commonwealth. Such tragedy often deepens our sense of responsibility to one another, and we are moved by the tremendous outpouring of generosity and support from our community that has followed. This weekend, we will light the Big Four Bridge red, white and blue in support of those who have suffered tremendous loss, in honor of the first responders for their brave and dedicated service, and in recognition of this community for coming together to help one another in this time of need. There are many ways to support the victims of the tornados and however you choose to support, we thank you for being a community that comes together when it matters most. We at Waterfront Park wish you all the best this holiday season.

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Park restrooms and water fountains have been winterized for the season, along with the splash park in the Adventure Playground. They will reopen in the Spring.