Aug 31 , 2021

Celebrate and Enjoy Waterfront Park

A message from our Executive Director, Deborah Bilitski:

Every day spent at Waterfront Park shows us our city’s unprecedented sense of unity. Over this past summer, we have watched as families, friends and neighbors have gathered on our lawns to celebrate and welcome the beginning of a new season. Together we have enjoyed music in the park, walks across the Big Four Bridge and sunsets on the river. For many years, the waterfront has been a meeting point—a space in our city for people to gather, celebrate and enjoy the company of one another in nature.

As Give for Good Louisville on September 17 draws near, we ask our community to again show unprecedented unity. As an organization addressing the needs of our community creating lasting change for generations to come, we ask park lovers to support Waterfront Park on this day of community-wide philanthropy.

If you have ever walked the Big Four Bridge, celebrated community on picnic blankets on the lawn, listened to music swell over crowds on Wednesday nights, played on our playgrounds or simply took the time to enjoy our 85 acres of land, we ask you to mark your calendars for September 17 and give back to Waterfront Park.

To learn more about how you can help to preserve and maintain our waterfront through Give for Good, click here to learn more

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Park restrooms and water fountains have been winterized for the season, along with the splash park in the Adventure Playground. They will reopen in the Spring.