Jun 02 , 2020

COVID-19 Updates

Waterfront Park urges visitors to abide by social distancing protocol and other protective measures to control the spread of coronavirus and protect the health of staff members and park visitors.

As the community works together to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, Waterfront Park reminds visitors to abide by the guidance of health and government officials.

Visitor reminders:
• Do not visit if symptoms are present.
• Maintain at least 6 feet of distance from others.
• Do not use the playgrounds.
• Share the paths and notify others when passing.
• Avoid touching anything, such as water fountains, bench handles, picnic tables, etc.
• Avoid crowds of 10 or more.
• Take trash and personal belongings with you when you leave.
• Bring your own water.
• Please remember to use the restroom before you visit and avoid using park restrooms, if possible.

“To ensure the safety of our team members who clean and maintain the park on a daily basis as well as the community at large, we ask all park visitors to strictly adhere to social distancing and other safety protocols,” said Deborah Bilitski, president and executive director of Waterfront Park. “To ensure the community may continue to enjoy our beautiful park, we urge all park visitors to practice safe social distancing and adhere to all other state and local guidelines.”

The Big Four Bridge will continue to be lit in green throughout the coronavirus crisis as an expression of solidarity with the community and to honor those we’ve lost. Waterfront Park joins neighbors throughout Louisville who are lighting their porches and homes, as an expression of both our resilience and hope.

Waterfront Park is closely monitoring the situation and complying with state and local guidelines. For up-to-date information, please follow Waterfront Park on social media.

The Waterfront Park Playgrounds are closed indefinitely to help contain the spread of the coronavirus.

Visitor Tip:
We encourage anyone choosing to visit Waterfront Park to explore less popular areas of the Park, where you are likely to encounter fewer fellow visitors.

Waterfront Park will continue to monitor the situation and follow guidelines as outlined by state and local officials. At this time, the park space remains open, and Waterfront Park encourages individuals to enjoy the park for the physical and mental benefits it can provide, while adhering to proper social distancing guidelines. Updates will be provided as needed.